Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Superkid Wrap-up

Zap! Zowee! Pow! Bazinga! 

 The  Superkid cookbook is complete and distributed! It is such a fun project, I recommend volunteering for it if you will have a 4th grader next year. I used a booklet style and added a small comic in the middle highlighting some of the events that happened throughout the year.  Each page has the superkids's picture above their recipe.  The font I used is called Goofball. The program that I used to cartoonize the pictures is free.  It is at www.befunky.com .  I used PIP printing downtown to staple and cut the books.  I made a fun display and served popcorn using the print from the comic pages to make holders and adding a POP! sticker to hold it together.  I also made Trix Crispies (like Rice Crispies using Trix--they have awesome color).  What a Super way to end a Super Year!


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