Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Rocks!

Our theme for the 4th grade end of year party was Summer Rocks! The kids were given backstage passes with their pictures and scan bar (the numbers at the bottom are the date of the party). We divided them into 4 groups (one for each station).  The stations were: Concession stand with fruit, cupcake microphones, water with theme labels, and cupcakes.  These kids were the concert audience; Paparazzi Escape obstacle course-we designed challenges that the kids had to complete to escape the paparazzi; Design your own guitar-we purchased posterboard guitars from Oriental Trading Company and the kids used craft items to decorate them; Lip Synch Concert- The kids divided into bands and chose a song from the playlist to sing in concert.  This station was a big hit!  The goody bags included a studded bracelet, 80's sunglasses, and pop rocks.  The decorations included a cardboard drum set and a concert backdrop purchased at Oriental Trading Company.  I get color themed paper at United Art and Education in Castleton by the yard to help decorate.  The fonts that I used were Beckett and 28 Days Later. What a fun way to end the school year!

Superkid Wrap-up

Zap! Zowee! Pow! Bazinga! 

 The  Superkid cookbook is complete and distributed! It is such a fun project, I recommend volunteering for it if you will have a 4th grader next year. I used a booklet style and added a small comic in the middle highlighting some of the events that happened throughout the year.  Each page has the superkids's picture above their recipe.  The font I used is called Goofball. The program that I used to cartoonize the pictures is free.  It is at www.befunky.com .  I used PIP printing downtown to staple and cut the books.  I made a fun display and served popcorn using the print from the comic pages to make holders and adding a POP! sticker to hold it together.  I also made Trix Crispies (like Rice Crispies using Trix--they have awesome color).  What a Super way to end a Super Year!