Friday, December 16, 2011

Ode to my my new BFF, the Rotary Cutter

Oh, rotary cutter 
How do I love you
let me count the ways,

You cut tissue tassles for Grinch garland to make make our Christmas party complete
My puny little scissors can't begin to compete

Cardboard is no obstacle and wrapping paper cannot resist
Your rotary cutting goodness is number one on my list

I can't imagine preparing for a party again without you by my side
Props to your friend, the giant cutting mat I use for a guide

You are the one I have to thank as the party approaches and I have no cut or nick
Now I just need to find a cure for burns from a hot glue stick

So, why didn't someone tell me about you before now? I'll never know,
But rest assured, now that you're here, I will never let you go!   

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