Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome Back!

Even though it is hard to believe, school is back in session!  Celebrate with the kids in the classroom with a welcome back themed snack time or treat!  Instructions for the ideas above can be found on the following websites.

If you are a new room mom, please register at Volunteer Spot to help organize your field trips and parties.  For some classes, field trips start early. 

Make sure you set up a time to meet with the teachers in your classrooms to cover parties/field trips/expectations for the year.  If you are interested, please follow my Room Mom Ideas board on Pinterest, I gather all of the fun ideas for the classroom that I find. 

I usually have a blog post once a week--more during holidays and party planning.  Be sure to look at the archive posts for lots of fun ideas for your classroom.  Have a great year!